Let me bring you up to date!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog (isn’t that always the case?) so I’m going to give you the highlights since last time I posted and then we’ll be all up to date.  Sound good?


  • I did a beautiful and very fancy first/third birthday party at the Four Seasons Boston.


  • I learned how to make a balloon Hello Kitty and my daughter was very pleased.
  • Not balloon related: I had a baby!  He turned 1 and wore a balloon hat.


Now I’m all up to date and hope to keep it that way!

The Big Birthday Barter

I love a good trade.  When no money has to exchange and both people get something they want, it’s a good deal in my book.  So I was super excited to participate in my first balloon gig barter for Sylvia’s birthday party.  I had contacted Heather Mansfield of Music Together to see if she would be available to do a little sing-along for Sylvia’s 2nd birthday party this year.  Unfortunately, the date I picked was also the weekend of her son’s Ian’s birthday party.  Bummer, right?  Heather was actually looking for some birthday party entertainment for Ian’s party and when I joked that maybe he’d like balloons, she said, “Actually, that’s a great idea!”

Heather and I coordinated the parties so that I could come do Ian’s Train-Themed-But-Eventually-Became-Pirate-Themed party on Saturday and then she would come do Sylvia’s Music-Themed party on Sunday.  A perfect trade!

Here are some fun pictures from both parties.  It was a great weekend of birthday fun for everyone!