Thank You, Teachers

More often than not, we forget to thank people who really make a difference in our lives.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt particularly thankful for my daughter’s teachers, the four amazing women (and their support staff) who I entrust several times a week to keep her safe, happy, nurtured and loved while I’m off at work.  Maybe it’s because I’m reflecting on how much Sylvia has grown and changed in the past few months that she’s been at school.  Maybe it was because of the recent events that suddenly thrust teachers into the role of lifesaving heroes that made me realize what unsung heroes teachers are on a daily basis.

As an end-of-year thank you gift to Sylvia’s teachers, I made each of them an individual flower bouquet.  I made woven vases to hold the flowers and chose to do different colors and patterns for all four.  The vases were weighted down with a small water-filled balloon (what better way to nourish balloon flowers than with a water balloon!) and I made a variety of different flowers to go in each vase.  The result was a burst of color that I hope made all four of them smile.  It always feels good to give, but it felt extra nice to do something personal and special for these wonderful women for all they have done for Sylvia and our family this year.