A Blue and Green Zebra

The adorable little sisters in the photo here were some of my best customers at Bjorn’s 3rd birthday party.  They were very sweet and chatty…and very happy to walk away with a rainbow, a butterfly, a cat and a dog (both on leashes).  They also requested I make a fish in a bowl, which I tried to do, but ultimately decided that would go on my “to learn” list.

Bjorn the birthday boy was a little shy on his big day so I wasn’t able to get a photo of his balloon requests, which were up there as some of the my all-time favorite creative requests.  Bjorn asked for: a blue and green zebra, a blue flashlight and a green flashlight.  He wasn’t worried at all when one of his friends said that there was no such thing as a blue and green zebra.  So I gave him just that (and the flashlights) and he smiled and went off into the backyard, barefoot, with balloon flashlights in hand, in search of something.  A purple and green lion?  A red and pink giraffe?  Who knows what you can find when you have a 3-year-old’s creative imagination.