NaNa and Her Froggie

This sculpture was made as a fourth birthday present for a little girl known as NaNa.  I made this sculpture likeness include Froggie, her beloved stuffed animal.  I had just learned how to make this type of frog at a class at Twist and Shout so I was excited to try it out here.  Apparently, NaNa is also a huge fan of my film and likes to watch it every week and calls herself a balloon twister!  What a kid.  Happy Birthday, Nana!

Ten Years of Twisting!


I’m excited to launch my beautiful new Red Balloon Company website in honor of my ten years as a balloon twister!

Ten years ago, I attended my first balloon convention, Twist and Shout, in Peabody, MA. It was there that I bought my first balloon belt (the same one I still use today!), took my first classes, learned a pinch twist, met twisters from all walks of life and saw some amazing creations that inspired me to want to do more.

Since then, I have made balloons at hundreds of parties and events, have made balloon sculptures for celebrities and have taught hundreds of people how to make a balloon dog.  I was even photographed with my balloon creations for a museum exhibit! I now even occasionally make balloons for my biggest and littlest fan, my 18-month-old daughter. I still love being a balloon twister.

I hope you will enjoy my new website and find what you’re looking for here. Please do not hesitate to contact me about any particular balloon-related request. I look forward to twisting for you soon!

P.S.  Huge thanks to my dad David Greenfield for taking so many amazing photographs of my balloons over the past 10 years. To Marcy Goldberg Sacks for creating the original balloon alphabet. To Abby Getman for this beautiful new website design and to my amazing husband Matt for programming the entire thing!